Friend Forward

Social media

Friend Forward is a modern community for women who want to learn how to create and maintain better female friendships through an online friendship coach and workshops. Friend Forward is your ultimate resource for learning how to strengthen your platonic relationships with other women and how to make new meaningful bonds that last

This organization offers private coaching, a weekly podcast, a program, and educational workshop. 

The Problem

Friend Forward came to us wanting to improve their online presence. They felt like they lacked a cohesive design and profile. Every time they needed to post, they felt like they were starting from scratch. Additionally, this company felt like their website could use improvements.

The Solution

In order to provide a cohesive experience as well as save time and energy, we designed social media templates that encompassed each of their different content themes such as press, podcast releases, and tips. With the new templates, creating social content was more “plug and play” so it saved time as well as made their content cohesive and on brand. 

We also performed a website audit for Friend Forward, assessing the copywriting, design, as well as user experience. We offered a list of specific recommendations to optimize the customer’s journey while navigating as well as optimizing it for conversions.