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Small Business Marketing Strategies to Help You Soar

Hi, I’m Lauren Mabra – the face behind Blubird Marketing. From building a startup marketing plan from scratch to redesigning a company’s existing strategy, I’m no stranger to the challenge of helping businesses get more clients.


I’m based in Tampa Bay, Florida and my team is made up of driven and creative marketing experts who come from all different backgrounds. But we share one common goal: Connecting data, creativity, and digital to land our clients results.


I’m here to offer solutions without buzzwords so that you can understand and clearly see the results that you’re getting for your investment.


Blubird is no nonsense and business-minded while acting as a creative powerhouse. We are independent, woman-owned, and never intimidated by new challenges. If you’re looking for a partner who has passion for what they do and will pave the way as your marketing expert, let’s make something happen.

When It Comes to Marketing for B2B Companies, We Walk The Talk

Using our client’s online presence to produce more leads and tangible results is our priority. We could go on all day about how we’re the best of the best, but we’ll let the results do the talking. Explore our work.

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We work with all different kinds of small businesses from tech to medical spas to private equity groups. Each business is unique so we make sure to take the time to understand your company and its specific pain points. 

Successful marketing takes time – it’s an investment. We focus on building client relationships that last. What does that mean exactly? We grow with you and are only successful as long as you are. Here are a few values that we’ve aimed to build our business around:

  1. Base decisions and strategies around numbers and analytics rather than assumptions or feelings.⁠
  2. Have real conversations that cut through the fluff and marketing jargon. We use terms that you can understand.⁠
  3. We are resourceful and experts at problem solving. Of course, you should be involved but I’m sure you’re looking for a marketing partner who can help lead the way and doesn’t need their hand held to make things happen.

Before anything else, we define the target audience and understand their likes, dislikes, pain points, what social media channels they are using, how they best consume content, etc.



The purpose of content marketing is to attract your ideal customer and get them to engage. For that reason, we form ALL content around target audience research and begin brainstorming content. Content will revolve around providing value, easing the customers’ pain and addressing questions they’re asking.

Engagement (likes, comments, shares, and saves), website clicks, reach, and number of leads. Leads can be defined as anyone who expressed interest in wanting to learn more or buy your products/services. This could be people who clicked to call, email your business, or messaged you directly asking for more details. Hopefully, your social media directs people to your website where they can learn more information and even make a purchase, so we consider website traffic a measurement of social media marketing success as well. 

Too many businesses work with marketing agencies and aren’t aware of what they’re even getting for what they’re paying. Our goal is to be completely transparent about what work is being done and the results that are showing for it. Every month, we send our clients reports that summarize exactly that. We view our success tied directly to the success of our clients. So, if something is underperforming or isn’t working out, we’re able to see that and fix it. 

We aren’t here to make a quick buck. Everything we do revolves around the goal of producing more revenue for your business and establishing long-term client relationships.



We walk the talk and aren’t afraid to show off actual results that we’ve gotten for clients. We’re creative and bold. We aim to create compelling content and projects. We won’t settle for the bare minimum or imitating a competitor. Lastly, we ask questions. If you want us to successfully market your business, we have to have a full understanding of what it is that you do and who you do it for. We’ve got a passion for coming up with new ways to reach your dream customer in efficient and compelling ways.