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Expert SEO for Tech companies

Before your site converts, it needs to be found.

Are you getting at least 1000 organic visits per day?

If you’re here then your SEO is probably not where it should be. We get it. Trying to tackle it in-house takes away from your team’s income-generating activities. And finding marketing talent feels impossible. You’ll lose it if you have to spend any more hours on Indeed.

With the right seo partner to fill your in-house gaps, Your SEO could be...

Placing You On Top

Show up for prospects who are ready to buy and already searching for what you offer. 90% of the buyer journey is complete before they ever contact you.

Outranking Competition

75% of users stick to the first page of Google. If you're not on there, they will click your competitor and buy from them.

Increasing ROI On Marketing $

Instead of paying for every click, you're showing up and getting more traffic organically. Dedicating ad spend to retargeting warm prospects.

Increasing Leads

When you position yourself to show up for those who are already looking, naturally you land more leads and conversions.

SEO Packages


  • Keyword Research (up to 200)
  • On-Page Technical SEO
  • 50 Brand Links
  • 20 Niche Links
  • 3 Guest Posts
  • 2 Original Blogs


  • Keyword Research (up to 600)
  • On-Page Technical SEO
  • 100 Brand Links
  • 50 Niche Links
  • 6 Guest Posts
  • 4 Original Blogs


  • Keyword Research (up to 1000)
  • On-Page Technical SEO
  • 250 Brand Links
  • 125 Niche Links
  • 12 Guest Posts
  • 8 Original Blogs
  • 2 Press Releases


We work with scaling B2B tech companies meaning companies like SaaS, DaaS (data providers), and software consulting that already have a solid client base but need help further enabling its growth. 

For transparency, our monthly marketing services are most likely not a good fit if you:

Haven’t launched (or just recently launched)

Are a solopreneur

Aren’t currently marketing your business at all

Don’t have an existing customer base

Our SEO and content team has a combined 15+ years of experience. We know what it takes to rank and our passion is rolling up our sleeves and getting to work to get you there—giving you a hands-off solution to SEO. 

We also take advantage of the latest marketing tools and technology like artificial intelligence. So as Google’s algorithms change, so do our strategies. We refuse to continue doing things just because that’s the way they’ve always been done. Great marketers possess a growth mindset—always learning and problem solving to figure out how to get to your goals most efficiently. 

We have helped many clients with SEO and have ranked them #1 on search results. However, Google itself said: “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.” Whether you work with us or another SEO partner, no reputable SEO company should (or would) guarantee rankings. This is because Google is constantly updating its algorithm. SEOs do their best to stay on top of these changes and modify your website and SEO strategy accordingly. But ultimately, we have no control over Google. 

It depends on many different factors. If you’re in a competitive industry, it can take a bit longer. We recommend clients give it 90 days before getting results they can really feel. Some companies have been running SEO and already built up a high domain authority so we see movement within the first 30 days. Other companies who have never worked on SEO may take longer to rank due to not having the foundational pieces already in place and Google is trying to figure out what you’re about.

Many businesses have come to us because they simply cannot find marketing talent that has the skills and expertise they need. Time’s are changing are so are traditional work models. It’s less about in-house versus outsourcing and more about “doing whatever and hire whoever in order to get results”.

We aren’t here to compete with your in-house team. We can actually act as an extension. They stay in their strengths while we stay in ours. The result? No more scouring Linkedin and Indeed, you don’t have to give us desk space, a salary, health insurance, or benefits. All while knowing your SEO and content. is being taken care of.

We will be doing foundational SEO work first like keyword research and on-page optimizations. Then, we will tackle building backlinks, writing and getting guest posts submitted on high-authority websites relevant to your industry, and also keeping your website up to date with fresh content that speaks directly to what your audience is searching for. 

We handle the overall strategy AND carry it out on a daily basis. That way SEO is completely hands-off for you. 

Your Journey To Effective, Hands-Off SEO Starts Here. Ready?