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“Blubird is a phenomenal team player and marketing partner with a focus on growth. Lauren and her team have a tremendous work ethic. Their attention to detail and commitment to their craft makes them a great asset to our brand. I highly recommend Lauren for a business or startup looking to improve their GTM strategy and digital marketing presence.”

Benjamin G.

Senior Vice President of Digital Revenue & Partnerships, 180byTwo

The Problem

180byTwo provides B2B data solutions to some of the world’s largest brands. Their data helps marketers identify their target buyers and where they are in the purchase cycle. 180byTwo helps clients understand their current and prospect clients on a deeper level—not just where they work and their job title, but also which products and services they use in their day-to-day, where they live, their demographics, their interests, their lifestyle, and much more.

We were able to help this thriving start-up expedite its growth—even getting acquired by the end of 2020!

The Solution

The Results