Wasatch Midwifery

Website redesign 

Blubird Marketing is phenomenal, friendly, and dependable. They got our SEO and accessibility up to speed in a matter of a weekend! They also made big visual changes to our website and fixed some wonky stuff. Five stars forever! Highly recommended!

Kim Jewkes

Administrative Director at Wasatch Midwifery

Wasatch Midwifery is a boutique midwifery practice in Utah that is dedicated to providing individualized maternity and holistic health care. This company specializes in birth at home and in a new, modern, birthing center. Their midwife team provides comprehensive prenatal and postnatal care.

The Problem

When Wasatch reached out to us for help, their website was heavily text-based and the team could not make small edits on their own. Wasatch didn’t feel like their website promoted their competitive advantage—their beautiful birthing suites and mountain views.

The Solution

The new site is visual-based and emphasizes their birthing suites. We collaborated to condense their website content so we could give soon-to-be parents the vital information they need on their new journey and the peace of mind they’re looking for in a midwifery.