4 Ways to Start Building an Email List for Your Medspa

So you have a current customer base but haven’t collected emails? What happens when you want to have customers that keep coming back? How do you stay top of mind or let them know of special deals or new offers? If you have social media followers but haven’t collected their email addresses, this means that you haven’t fully taken ownership of your audience yet! Your line of communication with your Instagram followers, for example, gets completely cut off or turned upside down if the app ever goes down or with any little change in the algorithm. Using email marketing for your medspa allows you to regularly communicate with your customers on your own terms.

Aside from that, you might be thinking that email marketing is outdated and ineffective. In reality, 73% of millennials actually prefer communications from brands to come via email, and over 59% of marketers reported email marketing as their biggest source of return on investment. It’s more expected to get promotional content through email than it is through other platforms like social media.

Now, let’s get to it. Here’s how to actually build your list to boost your medspa’s email marketing:

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1. Have a Discount or Freebie

We won’t sugarcoat it- you have to give people a reason to care. You have to provide value if you want people to do anything at all (especially if it comes to giving you their info).

With that being said, we encourage you to brainstorm a freebie or discount that you can give away after they’ve entered their email address. You could offer an at-home beauty routine guide, a percentage off of a service like a facial, or free gift when they show up to your med spa after booking an appointment.

By providing value in some way, you will come off less spammy and sales-y while gaining more access to your audience and earning their trust.

The value doesn’t stop after you capture their information. Once you have their emails, you can have an email series that provides free value straight to their inbox every week (for example). In the same way you had to give them a reason to subscribe, you also have to give a reason to stay subscribed. A possible idea for an email series for medspa marketing could be Beauty Tips: Quarantine Edition. Some people may still be cautious about going out and working closely with others so every week, drop some helpful beauty tips and routines that anyone could do on their own at home while they wait for their next procedure.

2. Promote Through Your Social Media

Don’t be afraid to tell your audience to go subscribe to your email list for a free gift. Provide the link to your landing page or newsletter sign up in your post or Instagram bio, pin your call-to-action at the top of your accounts (like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) so that it’s always the first thing that people see when they visit your page.

3. Place a Pop-Up on Your Website

You may already have a newsletter sign-up on your website but it needs to be impossible to miss.

For your medspa email marketing, you can use free/low-cost software like Mailchimp or Mailerlite to integrate with your website. You can make a pop up that comes up after a certain amount of time. You can have some fun with this and show personality. If your offer is a free trial Cryoskin session, for example, you can make the decline option say: “No thanks. I don’t want to lose inches off my waist.” This might make the reader stop and reconsider the offer. Here’s an example of our pop up:

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4. Word it Wisely

Back to our point of not sounding spammy or like you’re going to blow up this inbox with promo emails… Whether it’s for the opt-in form or your social media posts, it’s best to avoid saying things like “subscribe” or “sign up”. The last thing people want is more emails in their inbox. So it’s important to emphasize the value that they’ll be getting. Here are some keywords that are good for grabbing attention:

  • “Limited access”
  • “Freebie”
  • “Money/percentage off”
  • “Download”
  • “Free trial”


Building an email list can help you retain the new customers that you’ve worked so hard to get. It also helps you take ownership of the audience you’ve built on other platforms. And lastly, having an email list will come in handy for any paid advertising you do. If you take anything away from this blog, here’s what to remember:

  • Give your audience value in exchange for their email address
  • Keep giving value. Your emails shouldn’t just be about your spa and current promotions
  • Make your sign up form impossible to miss
  • Promote your freebie and email list through your social media channels
  • Avoid boring and sales-y language like “newsletter”, “sign up”, and “subscribe”

Looking for more ways to level up your medspa email marketing and get more customers to your office? Check out our blog on five ways to boost your medical spa business here.

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