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5 Ways to Boost Your Medical Spa Business in 2020

A business owner’s goal is almost always to get more leads and customers. But your success is limited if your marketing isn’t up to par. Here are five simple ways to boost your medical spa’s digital marketing strategy.

1. Use Consistent and High-Quality Social Media Content

You might be tired of hearing this over and over again, but the power of social media has helped companies push through COVID-19 while still keeping in touch with their customers. Brands have even managed to land new clients by selling and booking appointments online through social media.

Having a solid social media strategy and presence puts you in front of billions of people. Instagram alone has 500 million active users. Think of social media as a highway and your account is a billboard. The biggest difference is that, unlike a billboard ad, it costs $0 to set up and post your content on these giant social media channels. Social media channels also allow you to track insights and see how well you’re doing. Without analytics, you’re blindly throwing things out and never knowing what sticks.

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2. Have an Updated Website

Think about load time and how quick you are to leave when a site is taking more than a few seconds to load. Or what about when the information you’re looking for isn’t easy to find? Chances are your customers react the same way. Just having a website isn’t always enough. You could be leaving money on the table if potential clients aren’t able to book, can’t quickly find your phone number, or there are broken links.

If your site is set up correctly and fully functioning, another thing to consider is keeping your website updated with fresh content. This is how you rank higher on Google and stay relevant in the industry. Technology is moving so fast that it seems to change on a daily basis. There are constantly new procedures being offered. So if your spa just got new cool sculpting technology, post about it! People have TONS of questions about procedures like that and they’re searching the internet for answers. For example, a potential client might ask:

  • Does CoolSculpting hurt?
  • How long do lip fillers last?
  • What side effects can I expect from Botox?
  • Am I a good candidate for laser hair removal?

Be the expert who shows up and helps inform them.

3. Claim your Google My Business Listing

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When people are looking to book appointments, they use terms like “medspas near me”, “medical spas near me”, and specific services (such as botox and lip fillers) to find a provider.

When it comes to local results, the companies who have claimed their Google My Business profiles (and update them regularly) are the ones who show up at the top with accurate information that local customers are looking for. This listing shows reviews, updates (on mobile), hours, website, and other information people might need to decide to purchase.

Bottom line – by claiming your profile and updating it, you can show up on page ONE without spending any money on ads. You’ll also be able to see exactly how many people saw your listing, called, and requested directions.

4. Continue the conversation

Reply back to people’s comments on social media, not just with a “thank you”, but with a genuine response and ask them open-ended questions to keep it going. This will help you engage your followers while helping your post perform better.

Outside of social media, you can use the emails you collect from patients to stay top of mind and follow up. Email marketing click-through rate (to the company’s website) is 3.7% while the average engagement rate for top social media platforms is 0.6%. So use consistent emails to let clients know about special discounts or ask for an honest review after their appointment.

5. Set up SEO on your website

Most people see the word “SEO” and run for the hills. This just means setting your site up to rank higher on Google and get more free traffic. Before throwing money into campaigns and running ads, you want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of organic traffic (that you don’t have to pay for).

By starting with the basics like using keywords with high traffic and producing content that answers the questions that people are searching for, you’ll show up higher on Google. Most medical spas don’t take the time to optimize their site which means if you do, it won’t be hard to outrank them.

If you’re wanting a more hands-off approach when it comes to marketing, you can focus on what you’re good at – procedures that empower women and make them feel more confident. We’ll take care of getting you in front of them whether that means posting killer content on social media on your company’s behalf or refreshing your website to cater to your customers’ needs.

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